We provide Astrological solutions and guidance based on the planetary positions, strength of the planets, stars, dasa, buthi,anthara,sookshuma of the ruling planets, degrees and distance between the planets from the sun, bhava, manglik etc., at the time of birth in the horoscope for every individual person.


Numerology in Business Name gives outstanding success for any type of business. Business Numerology is differs from the basic numerology method. Complete planetary positions, degrees, stars, movable, fixed, common signs, athipathyam, karagathuvam, etc should be taken for consideration.

Vaastu Consulting

Kanaan is  25 years experienced vastu consultants in Coimbatore, Our vastu consultants are following the proper ancient Indian Vastu shastra. Our vastu experts recommend only on-site and real time vastu consultation only, because vastu is not only the design of your building, a vastu consultant analyze environment around your building, compound wall and street directions. Our vastu specialists never recommend any new chinese vastu techniques like vastu remedy products for home, it is all available in market it may be some other techniques but it is not Vastu shastra. We believe in ancient vastu shastra only and strongly believe vastu is purely science of designing a auspicious building according to the laws of natural forces, we do not recommend any superstition.

Sitha Clinic

Over the years, the antenatal care has grown in strength and numbers. Comprehensive antenatal care is offered by a team of doctors. Regular prenatal and postnatal classes are held. A well equipped labour and delivery area with foetal monitoring facility is available. Dedicated team of doctors and nurses help achieve excellent care for labour and delivery. Pain relief in labour is a major focus with an excellent epidural service being offered. Lactation support for new mothers is offered by dedicated personal.


Sexoligist in Sitha

Dr.M. Kanaan, MS(Psy).,SMP.,DYT.,DSM.,  Siddha Medical Practitioner , running Kannan Clinic at gandhipuram in  Coimbatore.